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  There are DJs who turn up, play records and make people dance. And there are
producers who make the dancefloor-igniting records those DJs will kill for. There
are very few people in dance music who can do both and Puppeteer is the leader
of the pack, also being the producer for both, The Synthetic Dream Foundation
and Ephemeral Mists .
It's because of what he can do with music - the way he can make good records
sound better, great records sound awesome, and everything he plays into his
own. The way his mixes take elements from across the spectrum of electronic
dance, from psytrance, ebm, progressive and deep house, and create a languidly
hypnotic and aggressive groove. The way his understanding of both melody and
momentum can tease, taunt, and en-trance a dancefloor before unleashing a
record that will have people not just leaping up and down but bursting with
emotion. The best DJs know that Djing is first about being able to read people
and then about being able to tap into that human experience and take it on a
journey. Puppeteer has always been noted for being a master at this and it is
this universal appeal that he has tapped into that has established his strong
fanbase around the globe.